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The South Africa’s Leading Fairground & Funfair events company


We have been actively engaged in the amusement park and Funfair industry since 1998 and our emphasis has always been on entertainment for the whole family.

Carnival Kingdom funfair is a versatile company, providing an array of fun rides for example the Ferris Wheel, Carousel, Sky Rider, Bumper cars, looping star just to mention a few.

We have also opened indoor mall funfairs and amusement rides within the following malls in South Africa –  Galleria Mall, Irene Mall, Ilanga Mall, The Grove Mall and Highveld Mall, Where we added entertaiment rides of a funfair to an indoor venue.

When you are arranging a corporate team building event, or planning a council funfair event, or maybe just hiring for a personal event, it is always much easier to deal with one company. So we have taken this into consideration and are able to provide you with a bespoke package service too. So whatever your requirements, just contact us and we can put together a package that is perfect for your event.

There’s something for the whole family with Carnival Kingdom’s Funfair rides and entertaiment company, as we offer thrill rides, family rides and rides for young children or try your luck at one of our game stalls.

With so many amazing activities on offer, Carnival Kingdom funfair and festival events provider, offers a great venue for a day out with your friends and family.

Keep a look out for more branches opening soon.

Trading Hours


11h00 – 18h00

11h00 – 20h00

10h00 – 22h00

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10h00 – 22h00

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10h00 – 21h00


To have a comfortable, safe and enjoyable experience, please comply with all Park Rules, signs and instructions.

By entering the premises all patrons agree to:

  • Have all children accompanied by an adult while on premises.
  • Have all children accompanied by an adult while on premises.
  • Exercise good judgment.
  • Act in a responsible manner.
  • Familiarize themselves with the rules of each ride as posted at the ride.
  • Obey and abide by all rules .
  • Be aware of their own medical limitations.
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Stay seated while on the ride.
  • Keep hands and feet inside the ride.
  • Not climb over barriers.
  • Not to eat or drink while on the rides.
  • Not endanger themselves or fellow patrons.
  • Not allow children to sit on a patron’s lap.
  • Not cause damage to the property of Carnival Kingdom.
  • Refrain from any dangerous behaviour.

* Carnival Kingdom reserves the right to deny admission or to require a person already on the premises to leave.



Click below to chat on WhatsApp or send us an email to info@carnivalkingdom.co.za

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