THE Card System

All our attractions operate on a prepaid card system.
You need to purchase a card once off at the cost of R10.
This card does not expire, and you can recharge it as many times as you like.
Credits on these cards do not expire and can be kept for your next visit.
If the card is lost, a new one needs to be purchased for R10.
Credit from lost cards cannot be transferred or refunded.
The cards are magnetised, and rides are accessed by swiping the card through an electronic card reader.
Once swiped, the ride price is automatically deducted from the card.
The rides operate on a one person one swipe system - each person who wants to ride must use the card including adults that accompany smaller children on the rides.
One family can use one card for all the members of the family.
Cards may also be used at the kiosks for popcorn, slush puppy, hotdogs and the game stalls.