Ferris Wheel - R40

This timeless ride will take you back in time. Standing at 16m high, the big wheel gives panoramic views of the ocean. It the ideal family ride whilst taking in the scenery. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Carousel - R25

Pick your horse and jump on. This old time classic will have the kids full of laughter and smiles. The horses moves up and down whiles the platform turns in a circular motion.

Meltdown - R30

Meltdown is a game designed to challenge your agility, balance and endurance. Either duck or jump over the two spinning beams or get wiped out! It is a multi player action game for tons of fun. Remember to watch out as you never know what the arms are going to do next. Fun for young and old.

Drop Tower - R40

Hang onto your hats. Strap in and experience a free falling sensation as you plummet down. It is a unique attraction that appeals to young and old, to the adventurous and the bold.

Mississippi Train - R20

Bring the little ones for a fun filled ride on the Mississippi train. The ride is a attraction where kids are able to hop aboard a themed train and travel a circular track.

The Wattmans Train - R20

Take a train ride through the mall on the trackless train. It is a fun filled experience that can be enjoyed by young and old.


  • Drop Tower Drop Tower
  • Big Wheel
  • Mississippi Train
  • Wipe Out
  • Carousel
  • Wattmans Train
  • Game Stalls
  • Popcorn, Hotdog and Stalls


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